Reflective Practices

1.We use following methodological practices to help the child in understanding various dimensions of the personality. We take every class daily to the playground for 1 hour compulsorily.Our aim is to make aware the child of his or her physical strength,stamina,flexibility,agility and team spirit.The body is the temple of Divine .Let the child learn to respect the body and soul inside. 2.The child's emotional development require great attention. Enthusiasm, feeling of beauty, perfection , anger and sadness are some of the areas which we try to relate to the child through stories, theater, cultural activities, music and art. We have made a sincere effort to inspire the child to go back to nature. 3. The should not entirely depend upon his memory and logical capacity therefor we have created projects and exrecises which require creative thinking and use of imagination . 4.The child is motivated to reflect on following questions of the life . A.Why am here on this earth? B.Is there any deeper force in me? C.How can i become aware my strength and weakness? D.Can my action be inspired by Truth?

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