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Interdisciplinary approach that enable an integral understanding and practical application is introduced through the ‘project method’.In this approach subject are taught around a theme.You move from general theme to specific subject ,for example student could select’coconuts’ then study about agriculture ,climate ,economics,recipes ,literature , biology and so on.The learners select their goal after deliberation ,they select their theme,do their research ,gather information ,compile,experiment,infer,share ,present and reflect.This is a learner oriented activity where the child has maximum opportunity to explore and become an independent learner, with the teachers always there to guide and help. LEARNING TO REFLECTive-EVALUATION Student are given a taste of exams and are acquainted with the needs of the education system.This helps them to understand the ways the world function and also how it changes. However,more importantly,student are helped to understand that education is more then formal evaluation and that evaluation is more then organized exams.The deeper,wider broader concept of evaluation through self examination along with objective evaluation is a part of their school life. Continuous and varied forms of evaluation are used which examine but are not limited to them.Our methods while encompassing traditional chalk and talk method ,go much beyond these.They include games,discussion ,silence ,drama ,debates ,speeches,music,art and a variety of activities . These are woven in the curriculum so that they blend naturally with everyday learning in and outside the classroom.

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